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Kundalini Yoga & Meditation with Keval Kaur Khalsa

  • Kundalini Yoga Durham 1215 Carroll Street Durham, NC 27701 USA (map)

Beyond Fear
Fear keeps us in a contracted state that limits our thinking and our choices.  Kundalini yoga can help you strengthen the systems of your body, develop your neutral mind and access your spirit so you can approach life with compassionate courage as a warrior saint.

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"A fundamental urge is our soul's longing for union with our Infinite Self. This longing is driven by the kundalini as a longing for awareness and expansion, expressed as love, that can command even God to manifest in this moment, here and now, in each action. This primary relationship transforms all others. Yet it cannot be captured in a set of rules; it is not bound by roles or religious practices; it is not something you can conquer, win or fantasize into existence. It is fulfilled as we purify our mind of conflicts, as we embrace all the polarities within us and in our lives, and as we become innocent and humble before our own Higher Self. Then grace comes to us as gently and finally as a first kiss."

- Yogi Bhajan